Faces, skins, logos: Boost your Football Manager 2023 gaming experience

So you’ve got yourself a copy of Football Manager 2023 and you want to make a few improvements to your playing experience?

I’m with you. If you’ve never made graphic or data changes to the game, you should find these resources both easily accessible and easy to understand regarding installation. In most cases you’ll be required to download a zipped folder, copy it to a specific folder on your computer and unpack it.

The below downloads will work for both PC and Mac but cannot be applied to mobile or console editions of Football Manager.

1. Put a face to the name

With over 189,000 faces available for playing and non-playing staff, plus monthly updates throughout the season, the DF11 Faces Megapack is a must for me as I like to know who I’m dealing with in-game. It won’t fix anything for you with regen faces but you’ll have no problem putting a face to the name over the course of your career with these.

Download-wise, it’s pretty big as we’re talking in the region of 16-17gb but with a Torrent download available and a really easy instruction guide, you can add even more realism to your game with the addition of this monster facepack.

2. Get some new threads

There are a growing number of kit suppliers for Football Manager but my personal favourites are the FC’12 collections available via FM Slovakia. They’ve been developing kits in this style since 2013 and have the majority of leagues covered with updates throughout the season.

3. Get the badge in

Over 67,000 club and competition logos and flags are available via TCMLogos.com who have been providing their megapack since FM14 with close on four million downloads to date. Grab the TCM22 edition and instructions here.

4. Skinning up

For FM22, I played most of the cycle with the Zealand 4.0 skin which features a handy match sim button if you’re that way inclined.

Neco Williams, Football Manager 2022
Neco Williams, Football Manager 2022

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the default skin (visual interface) for the game but skins from other creators carry different features like colour sets for attributes, different information panels depending on what screen you’re on, different ways of viewing squad selections, adding faces and more.

Get started here at FM Scout or sortitoutsi.

5. Add a real name fix

While FM23 has an extended number of licenses this year including official licensing for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League, not every league in-game carries the same weight.

Another day-one fix I tend to run with before I start my save is to add the real name fix from sortitoutsi to amend club and competition names, media outlets and more, again further enhancing your sense of realism within the game. Of course, you could do this in the pre-game editor yourself but having it handed to you on a plate makes it so much easier.

Have you got any other must-haves for Football Manager when starting a new game?

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