Are you even doing the internet right these days if you don’t have a podcast?

In January 2021, a mate and I (also colleagues) with a mutual love of Football Manager began The Football Manager Football Show. It chronicles our time, week-to-week, as we traverse the world one league at a time.

As each season rolls on, we look to take on a new adventure, a new challenge. Life began in Argentina by exploring the relationship and rivalry between Boca Juniors (Shane) and River Plate (me). Having watched Leicester and Wolves get relegated that year, we jumped ship to the Championship to try get both clubs back to the Premier League.

Promotion followed and rather than move on, we gave it another season to try crack the Premier League with two top-six finishes in the mix. With Leicester (me) bound for the Champions League and Wolves bound for the Europa League, we upped sticks and headed to Spain to soak up the atmosphere of El Derbi – Atlético and Madrid.

When you’ve got a hefty bank balance, anything is possible, including a quadruple-winning season aided by the early-season signing of Erling Haaland for the white half of Madrid, bringing us to the end of the FM21 cycle.

Our first stint in Football Manager 2022 took us to Turkey (Galatasaray and Fenerbahce), followed by Italy (Inter and Milan) then on to Scotland (Hearts). Now, in season eight, which should take us to the end of the FM22 cycle, we’ve decided to divide and conquer where I’ve take on Toulouse for a relegation dogfight in Serie A while Shane’s trying his luck with Orlando Pirates in the South African premier division.

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